The History


FRAC band was founded one afternoon of may 1985,

because the young FRAC (in the photo hereunder) let their parents

to meet each other.



Photo1 - Young FRAC

Sonia and Marco Russo, Mariacarla and Alessandro Staffa



The same night the  FRAC discovered 

they were all music lovers and besides

they had a special vocal and instrumental harmony,

like they had played together since long time.



Photo 2 : the FRAC

Franca and Armando Staffa, Rosaria and Claudio Russo



After only two hours "Music", their first song,

had been already composed.

The day after FRAC was choosen as name of the band,

utilizing the componentc names initials

Franca Rosaria Armando Claudio

Is it not magic ?

The FRAC in seven years composed almost 100 songs;

10 of them were issued, in 1990, in the Album


Friends Running A Chorus


The LP was recordered at “Studio 52” in Napoli,

with Paolo Rescigno arrangiaments and Daniele Sepe (sax), 

Fausto Mesolella (guitar), Maurizio Ponzo (guitar) as gueststars.

Due to the fact that half of the songs were in English,

the album was also exported and the pieces were listened abroad.

When Rosaria, the solo voice of the band, died

the band was dissolved.